Alpaca Electron

Alpaca Electron

Alpaca Electron is built from the ground-up to be the easiest way to chat with the alpaca AI models. No command line or compiling needed!

📃 Features + to-do

🎞 Demo


🚀 Quick Start Guide

  1. Download an Alpaca model (7B native is recommended) and place it somewhere on your computer where it's easy to find.
  1. Download the latest installer from the releases page section.

  2. Open the installer and wait for it to install.

  3. Once done installing, it'll ask for a valid path to a model. Now, go to where you placed the model, hold shift, right click on the file, and then click on "Copy as Path". Then, paste this into that dialog box and click Confirm.

  4. The program will automatically restart. Now you can begin chatting!

The program will also accept any other 4 bit quantized .bin model files. If you can find other .bin Alpaca model files, you can use them instead of the one recommended in the Quick Start Guide to experiment with different models. As always, be careful about what you download from the internet.

🔧 Troubleshooting





Clone the repository:

git clone

Change your current directory to alpaca-electron:

cd alpaca-electron

Install application specific dependencies:

npm install --save-dev

Build the application:

npm run linux-x64

Change your current directory to the build target:

cd release-builds/'Alpaca Electron-linux-x64'

Run the application with ./'Alpaca Electron'

Docker Compose

Clone the repository:

git clone

Change your current directory to alpaca-electron:

cd alpaca-electron

Build the container image:

docker compose build

Run the application container:

docker compose up -d

⚒️ Building


(OPTIONAL) Building llama.cpp from source

  1. Clone llama.cpp's GitHub repo
git clone
cd llama.cpp
  1. Build llama.cpp On Windows:
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
cmake . --config Release

On Linux and MacOS:


Running the project from source

  1. Clone the GitHub repo
git clone
cd alpaca-electron
  1. Install node packages
npm install
npm run rebuild

Info If you are on Linux, replace npm run rebuild with npm run rebuild-linux

  1. (OPTIONAL) Use your own llama.cpp build

This step is not required. Only do it if you had built llama.cpp yourself and you want to use that build. Otherwise, skip to step 4 If you had built llama.cpp in the previous section, copy the main executable file into the bin folder inside the alpaca-electron folder.

Make sure the file replaces the correct file. E.g. if you're on Windows, replace chat.exe with your file. If you're on arm64 MacOS, replace chat_mac_arm64. Etc...

  1. Start the Electron app
npm start

Building a release and installer

Run one of the following commands:

You can only build for the OS you are running the build on. E.g. if you are on Windows, you can build for Windows, but not for MacOS and Linux.

👨‍💻 Credits

Credits go to @antimatter15 for creating alpaca.cpp and to @ggerganov for creating llama.cpp, the backbones behind alpaca.cpp. Finally, credits go to Meta and Stanford for creating the LLaMA and Alpaca models, respectively.

Special thanks to @keldenl for providing arm64 builds for MacOS and @W48B1T for providing Linux builds

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