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- session management

   * tmux ls (or tmux list-sessions)
   * tmux new -s session-name
   * Ctrl-b d Detach from session
   * tmux attach -t [session name]
   * tmux kill-session -t session-name

   * Ctrl-b c Create new window
   * Ctrl-b d Detach current client
   * Ctrl-b l Move to previously selected window
   * Ctrl-b n Move to the next window
   * Ctrl-b p Move to the previous window
   * Ctrl-b & Kill the current window
   * Ctrl-b , Rename the current window
   * Ctrl-b q Show pane numbers (used to switch between panes)
   * Ctrl-b o Switch to the next pane
   * Ctrl-b ? List all keybindings

- moving between windows

   * Ctrl-b n (Move to the next window)
   * Ctrl-b p (Move to the previous window)
   * Ctrl-b l (Move to the previously selected window)
   * Ctrl-b w (List all windows / window numbers)
   * Ctrl-b window number (Move to the specified window number, the default bindings are from 0 -- 9)

- Tiling commands

   * Ctrl-b % (Split the window vertically)
   * Ctrl-b " (Split window horizontally)
   * Ctrl-b o (Goto next pane)
   * Ctrl-b ARROW KEYS (Move in pane)
   * Ctrl-b q (Show pane numbers, when the numbers show up type the key to go to that pane)
   * Ctrl-b { (Move the current pane left)
   * Ctrl-b } (Move the current pane right)

- Make a pane its own window

   * Ctrl-b : "break-pane"