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Remember to do Backups!!!

install smpd

apt-get install snmpd libsnmp-dev

add v3 user

net-snmp-config --create-snmpv3-user -ro -A authpass -X privpass -a SHA -x AES username

add clientserver to observium

cd /opt/observium
./add_device.php <ipaddress> ap v3 username authpass privpass sha aes 161 udp

remember to open ufw

Proxmox fix

# This file controls the activity of snmpd and snmptrapd

# MIB directories. /usr/share/snmp/mibs is the default, but
# including it here avoids some strange problems.
export MIBDIRS=/usr/share/snmp/mibs 

# snmpd control (yes means start daemon).

# snmpd options (use syslog, close stdin/out/err).
SNMPDOPTS='-Lsd -Lf /dev/null -u snmp -g snmp -I -smux -p /var/run/'

# snmptrapd control (yes means start daemon). As of net-snmp version
# 5.0, master agentx support must be enabled in snmpd before snmptrapd
# can be run. See snmpd.conf(5) for how to do this.

# snmptrapd options (use syslog).
TRAPDOPTS='-Lsd -p /var/run/'

# create symlink on Debian legacy location to official RFC path