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Key/s Action
⇧ + H Opens Help with Shortcuts
⇧ + U Opens Url
Tab ⇆ Tabs trough Links on site
Esc + Tab ⇆ Tabs in reverse order trough Links on site
⇧ + / Search Site
N Continue Search forward
⇧ + N Contunues Search in reverse order
⇧ + T Opens a tab
Ctrl + Q Closes the current tab
Alt Gr + } Go to next tab
Alt Gr + { Go to previous tab
Q Closes w3m
⇧ + Q Closes w3m without conformation instantly
Esc + A Saves bookmark for current page
Esc + B Opens bookmarks
Esc + S Saves HTML Code of this page to file
Esc + L Opens a list containing every link on current web page
V Switches between HTML and normal view
Esc + C Opens w3m commandline, here you can enter the command that are listed fat written in help ( CLOSE_TAB closes current tab)