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3. WiFi Bands and Frequencies

Now I'd like to talk about WiFi Bands. The Band defines what frequencies it uses to broadcast the signal. That means it also defines the Frequency the Client must have to be able to support and use in order to connect to the network.

The most common frequencies in use are 2.4 and 5 Ghz

The most common WiFi Bands are:

  • a uses 5Ghz frequency only
  • b,g both use 2.4Ghz frequency only
  • n uses 5 and 2.4 Ghz frequency
  • ac uses frequencies lower than 6 Ghz

if the Network Name isn't shown, it probably means that your Adapter isn't able to connect to the Network or a router is broadcasting across 2 frequencies or is out of reach.

You can specify which Band airodump-ng listens with the --band flag. For example if you want to specify 5Ghz:

airodump-ng --band a wlan0

if your Wifi Adapter supports all bands, you could scan for multible bands like this:

airodump-ng --band abg wlan0